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Grow your Sales in the CBD & Adaptogen Industries

We manage your online affiliate channel from A to Z!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where companies pay commissions to individuals for generating sales through their unique affiliate links.


This collaborative approach leverages the affiliates' promotional efforts to drive traffic and sales, creating a mutually beneficial partnership between the company and its affiliates.

Who are the Affiliates?

Cashback communities

Blogs and specialized websites

Price comparators

Performance agencies 

Affiliates promote a product or service on their website

The company pays the affiliate a commission

How affiliate marketing works

Customers click & convert

Conversions are tracked

Why You Need Affiliate Marketing?

cbd & adaptogen friendly

CBD & Adaptogens Friendly

Struggle with digital restrictions? Turn to affiliate marketing for a compliant and effective solution in the CBD and Adaptogen industries.

No risk

Low Risk

Low-risk marketing strategy as affiliates are paid commission only on actual sales

new customers

Reach a Newer & Larger 


Engage with customers you would have never
reached on your own.

What you will get

Tailored Strategy based on your Brand & your Objectives
Affiliate Marketing Dashboard
Affiliate Marketing Dashboard 2
Access to hundreds of Affiliates Partners, including VIP and Mainstream Partnerships
Regular Reporting and Data Analysis about your Affiliate Channel KPIs
Affiliate Marketing Dashboard 3

Why us?

CBD Industry expertise
Industry Expertise
since 2018

We bring years of specialized experience in the CBD and Adaptogen sectors, offering proven affiliate marketing solutions since 2018

EU & UK reach
EU & UK reach

We offer specialized solutions to grow your business in the markets of the United Kingdom and the European Union

Expand into new markets within
the EU & UK
Cost-effective service
A Cost-Efficient Alternative to In-House Management

We provide affiliate management services that outperform traditional in-house options, delivering efficiency at a fraction of the cost

fastest sales acceration

We excel in driving rapid sales growth at competitive costs, outpacing other channels within digital marketing tactics

Boost your sales as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

Client testimonials

Captura de pantalla 2024-03-03 101952_ed

Antoine Alibert, CEO & Co- Founder

I recommend Patrick's work, who has the understanding of affiliate networks and the experience to grow rapidly and profitably.

Captura de pantalla 2024-03-03 104002.png

Alexandre R. Perez, CEO & Founder

Our affiliate sales have skyrocketed. Patrick is constantly searching for new solutions to boost our performance and open us up to new markets.


Contact us today to get your Free Audit, and find out if you're ready to dive into the world of affiliate marketing.

Ready To
Skyrocket Your Sales?  

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