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Welcome to Holistic Affiliates Solutions, where innovation meets passion in the dynamic realms of the CBD and Adaptogen industries. We're a small dynamic team of international young talent passionate about the CBD & Adaptogen industries with expertise within the EU.

Led by our Founder and CEO, Patrick Peraffan, who has had the privilege, since 2018, of working alongside EU and US pioneers in these sectors, we bring a blend of innovation and proven strategies to the table.

At Holistic Affiliates Solutions, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive coverage of all EU countries, emphasizing a robust local approach tailored specifically for key markets such as the UK, France, Spain, and Germany. Our commitment extends beyond borders as we navigate the diverse landscapes of European markets, ensuring a nuanced understanding and effective engagement in each region.


Our mission?


To handle every detail of your affiliate marketing so that all you have to do is sit back and watch your business grow.

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